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Long before they arrive in Florida, Germans, Swiss, and Austrians hear of the German Radio Show and see our ads in various German publications. They can hear and read our programs from anywhere in the world now, we are as close as your nearest computer. Find our Flyers in area Motels, Hotels and all German businesses in the area inform tourists and seasonal residents of the show times and carry sponsors' logos. The German Radio Show is also advertised in a variety of German language publications across the United States. Now listeners can visit our website www.germanradioshow.com and listen to us via the
for German language up-dates on entertainment events!

​​The German Radio Show, also known by its original German title: Deutsche Funksendung, is filled with up-to-date information, for the latest news from Deutsche Welle there is information regarding regional events on both continents, current events in West Florida and news and reports from the German cultural scene are showcased. Listeners love Susanne's Culture Mirror/Kulturspiegel with its Interviews with studio-guests from the arts and entertainment sector that liven up the German Radio Show. 

​In her Culture Mirror host Susanne Nielsen offers listeners news, reports and interviews with personalities from stars of the stage in music, traditional to contemporary, opera, operetta, musical, folk to contemporary pop. Many of her interviews she finds in her travels. She brings you interesting topics and people she encounters in many places - in venues of visual and performing arts, cultural, and literary centers. Susanne reports on little known German heritage and many related topics. ​​​


SUSANNE NIELSEN, PhD, German-American artist/art historian, has hosted the show since 1998.

Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, Susanne has lived in many parts of the world, among them Paris, San Francisco, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Iceland and spent time in Switzerland, more recently her travels have taken her to South-Asia and Asia. She regularly visits Europe, finding interesting stories and interview partners in Germany, France and Switzerland for Culture Mirror/ Kulturspiegel weekly blog/podcast. With graduate degrees in English literature and fine art, Susanne has taught art, art history/Humanities and languages at the university-level for more than 25 years. The award-winning painter/sculptor and published journalist enjoys meeting and interviewing interesting people, encountering new places and sharing her ideas and knowledge in an entertaining way. 

The show's dedicated contributors are experts in their fleld/Experten berichten in der Sendung:

RENATE SCHAUER: The seasoned journalist, ghost writer and blogger divides her time between Florida and Stuttgart sends regular reports to keep our listeners/readers informed on current events. Read her German blog which she shares with Susanne Nielsen on many subjects: http://blog.journalismus-und-mehr.com

ANNELIESE SCHMIDT: The classically trained singer and published travel writer loves arts and culture that have taken her around the world. After 17 years in Paris she now reports from Germany on the arts.

WILLIAM L. DAVIDSON who has European roots, has  been the show's producer/engineer since 2010. At his Tampa Bay Recording Studio DND Records he has been recording music for bands and individual performers.

In her Culture Mirror Susanne offers listeners news, reports and interviews with personalities from stars of the stage in music, traditional to contemporary, opera, operetta, musical, folk to contemporary pop. Many of her interviews she finds in her travels. She brings you interesting topics and people she encounters in many places - in venues of visual and performing arts, cultural, and literary centers. Susanne reports on little known German heritage and many related topics. ​​

OUR WEEKLY PROGRAMS and how to find them

 For information regarding the show, other organizations and ALL THINGS GERMAN IN TAMPA BAY, please call 813-254-5088. 

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For information please write to us via info@germanradioshow.com or regular mail to Deutsche Funksendung, Box 172263, Tampa, FL 33672,USA.

Your Host and contributors

 Please call in and email us at (info@germanradioshow.com).

Ask questions about advertisers and events. The German Radio Show also goes out to listeners, at sponsor locations or clubs, and for special events like the many area Oktoberfests. The German Radio Show co-sponsors arts events, fundraisers, and invites you to a variety of exciting events. Auf Wiederhören auf dieser Welle! 

Listen to our show and read our blog/ Hoeren Sie die Sendung und lesen Sie unseren Blog

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How to find information About Deutsche Funksendung/germanradioshow?

We've been around since 1965 ... going strong

Who is reading our blog/listening to the show? 

Wer sind unsere Leser/hoerer?

Listeners of The German Radio Show are quite diverse. West Florida’s beautiful beaches and recreation facilities bring many German speaking visitors and residents to the area. Now they can plan their trip by checking in with us before they come and keep in touch after they have returned to their home away from Florida or find out about the newest events in their home in Florida. German-Americans are the largest minority in the US, over 60 million people claim German ancestry, among them, a quarter million residents in West Florida. Part-time German speaking residents own property along the beautiful beaches of Florida’s west coast. They can stay up to 6 months without a visa. Many divide their time equally between Florida and their residence abroad. Snowbirds from the north come to West Florida during the winters, many of them with German roots and experiences. Business people listen to The German Radio Show when they come to Tampa Bay. And many of them are relocating with their families to make Tampa Bay their home. Students of German are informed and grow into avid listeners, supporting their language skills. Americans with European experience, family background and a love of the German language tune in regularly. With a six week summer holidays from school and plenty of vacation time Summer tourists from Germany, Switzerland and Austria are among the many visitors looking for information about events in the area, places to visit in Florida and where to find a variety of quality products and services, some they are used to from Germany and new local offerings. They are savvy shoppers and consumers while staying in West Florida.

 Please call in and email us at (info@germanradioshow.com)

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​You can translate the text while listening to our show: www.germanradioshow.blogspot.com 

 We are Tampa Bay's longest running German-American Radio Show and come to listeners via the internet in weekly updated shows, filled with news, interviews and reports on a variety of topics, conversations with interesting people from the arts, theater, music and life. Each show is presented with introductory texts and photos, for you to listen to and read anywhere and anytime from your digital device! 

We originate in West Florida, and love building bridges between our US paradise and German speaking readers/listeners worldwide.

Please find us via the audio/blog button on our HOMEPAGE or go to: http://www.germanradioshow.blogspot.com/.
The German Radio Show, Deutsche Funksendung/Culture Mirror has been delighting German-speaking listeners since it was founded in 1965. Brought to Tampa Bay ten years later, the show is Tampa Bay's connection to ALL THINGS GERMAN

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Herzlich willkommen bei der Deutschen Funksendung/ Kulturspiegel, ausgestrahlt seit 1965, seit 2000 im Internet und seit 2010 als Blog/Podcast zu Sehen, Hoeren und Lesen, weltweit, jederzeit, und ueberall!
Hallo,servus und gruetzi, liebe Deutschsprachige Hörer(innen)!

Die Deutsche Funksendung ist seit 1965 Ihre Quelle aller deutschen Informationen! Die deutsche Funksendung bietet Ihnen jederzeit und ueberall per Internet jede Woche neue Sendungen zu Hoeren und Lesen. Wir sind Ihre Deutschsprachige Verbindung in West-Florida, die Sie ueber den Navigationsknopf "Audio/Blog" auf der Haupt-Seite finden, oder direkt als
erreichen koennen. Wir bringen Ihnen neueste Nachrichten (link zur Deutschen Welle) und Hinweise auf Veranstaltungen aus Musik (von Klassik, Oper,bis Volksmusik) und viele Interviews und Reportagen mit Stars aus der Kulturszene in unserem wochentlich neuen Kulturspiegel. Treffen Sie interessante Menschen, begleiten Sie uns zu neuen Filmen, Theater- und vielen anderen Veranstaltungen. Hören Sie oder lesen Sie auf unserer Webpage AKTUELLE KURZBERICHTE AUF DEUTSCH, und hoeren Sie die Sendung waehrend Sie den Text dazu lesen und die Fotos hierzu ansehen.
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